Advertising in Pukka Bath, the magazine connecting you with business and events from in and around the area


Our circulation includes areas of Combe Down, Bear Flat, Widcombe, Lyncombe,  Upper Oldfield Park, Fox Hill, Perrymead and areas of Weston,  with additional copies being placed in cafes, restaurants and pubs in the area.

We also now leave copies in Waitrose, Bath and in Waitrose, Keynsham.  Our magazine publicises businesses and events to our community, delivering an exciting opportunity for people to support businesses from in and around the area.
We have a variety of different size advertisements available. From an eighth of a page up to a full page. We can even help design an advertisement for you!

For full details please either send an email to: 

Telephone mobile: 0777 308 2163 

We look forward to speaking with you.